Module Kit

The Palmer Flowreversal Module Kit Includes three valves & PVC parts to create a Swimming Pool Flowreversal System. The valves are labelled for ease of installation and the elimination of pipe connection confusion during installation. The Palmer Flowreversal Module Kit comes with complete installation instructions on how to assemble and install the Flowreversal Module in your pool, which eliminates confusion.

The Module Kit cost is $439 + $35 for shipping and handling. This is around half the cost of the Mark Urban Flowreversal valves when they were available. A 30-day Money Back Guarantee applies with the exception of shipping costs. And, any Module Kit return must have a return authorization and be shipped back freight prepaid.

I offer this "Module Kit" to eliminate the plumbing confusion that can easily occur with pool flowreversal technology during its installation. No returns are accepted if any of the parts have been used, glued, substituted or missing. Use the Contact Form to contact us if needed.  Allow 2-3 weeks for normal delivery.

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