basic_plumbing for Flowreversal using the X-Body and T-body valves of Mark Urban’s design.

Mark Urban produced two valves that constituted his Flowreversal Technology System. The above plumbing diagram shows how Mark's X-m and T-m valves were plumbed into a pool to create his unique Flowreversal System for swimming pools.

two_valves are required for Mark Urban’s flowreversal system. They are his X-body and T-body valves which are no longer available. The Palmer Flowreversal Module implements Mark Urban’s flowreversal technology without having to use his valves.

Flowreversal Valve + Proportioning Valve = Mark Urban's Flowreversal System

The Palmer Flowreversal Module is a replacement for Mark Urban's Flowreversal System now that Mark's X-Body and T-Body valves are no longer available.

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